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Capital One's online account management service means that you can access and service your account from any secure computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just register and sign in and you'll be able to:

  • Review your card transactions
  • Make secure online payments
  • Receive your statement online, and a monthly email to let you know it's there
  • Set up email & SMS alerts to help you manage your account. For example, you could set up an alert to let you know when you're getting close to your credit limit

Capital One's online account service gives you even more control over your account, without the hassle.

Click here and you'll be able to create your account. You'll need to create an account username and password, as well as entering your card details. From here, simply follow the on screen instructions and you'll be set up in no time.

Before you create your Capital One online account you'll need to have a Capital One account set up first. Click here to choose and apply for your Capital One card.

If you lose your card, or if it is stolen, you should call us immediately on 0800 952 8267 from the UK or +44 115 843 3924 from abroad at any time. Please don't use a Secure Message to let us know. For security reasons, your account access may be restricted until this is resolved.
Hard of hearing and deaf customers:
Typetalk users can call us by dialling 18001 before the above number. Lines are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Minicom users can call us on 0115 843 3745. Lines are open from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Click here and you'll be taken to the Password Assistance screen. You'll have to provide some security information before we can send you a new temporary password:

  • Your username
  • Your email address
  • The answer to your security question

Once you've entered this information correctly, you'll see a message telling you that a temporary password has been sent to your email address. Check your inbox and login using this password, remembering to change it to something memorable but not so obvious that others could guess it.

Click here for help remembering your username.

There is a time limit within your Capital One online account service for idle connections. For security, if the service has not detected any action from your end within a certain time limit it will close your session, in case you have forgotten to log off.

For security reasons the server does not allow unlimited unsuccessful registration attempts. Once your registration has failed please call customer services on 03444 814 000† at any time for assistance.

Most up-to-date Internet Browsers will meet the requirements for you to set up your online account. If you are having problems, you may want to check some of your settings.

In addition to Netscape versions 6.0 or IE versions 5 and above, you will need to have the following to access Capital One online account service:

  • have Java and JavaScript enabled
  • have cookies enabled, to find out more about cookies please read our Cookie Policy
  • have encryption enabled
  • You will need to have a "Verisign Class 3 Primary CA" certificate which signifies that your browser is 128 bit encryption enabled. If this is not present you could try to re-install your browser and try again.

You should be able to find how to check these settings by referring to the help section of your Internet Browser software or manual. If you are still having problems finding how to check your settings, you can contact your software provider.

Try clicking the 'Reload' or the 'Refresh' button on your browser. If this does not work, please refer to your Internet Browser software instructions or contact the provider.

Please refer to your Internet Browser software instructions or contact the provider.

When you connect to the Capital One Online account service, your session is encrypted. Any data or messages that you send are encoded by your browser using a unique secret key (a session key) agreed with our secure server at the beginning of your session. When your encrypted data is sent over the internet only the Capital One secure server will be able to decrypt and understand it. The same encryption also occurs when Capital One displays screens back to you. Capital One uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for managing your encrypted session and 128 bit encryption which is why the latest versions of Web browsers are needed to register and use this service. For more information on SSL and encryption, many resources are available on the Internet, or via your internet browsers' help section.

A few of our customers have reported receiving hoax emails claiming to be from Capital One, MasterCard® or VISA. (This is generally known as 'Phishing'). These emails typically contain a link to a hoax web site and attempt to trick customers into supplying confidential personal information such as account numbers, PIN numbers and passwords. Some of the emails claim that your account will be closed unless you confirm confidential personal information or update security details. These are not genuine emails from Capital One, MasterCard® or VISA. Capital One, MasterCard® or VISA will never send emails to customers requesting confidential information e.g. card number, PIN number, card expiry date, mother's maiden name, Internet account User ID & password.

  • To ensure a secure connection to our web site, only ever use Secure Messages to contact us online
  • If you think you've received a hoax email, please forward it to
  • If you are concerned that you may have divulged your confidential personal information or if your Capital One security details have been compromised, please call us immediately on freephone 0800 952 5267 at any time. From outside the UK, call us on +44 115 993 8002.
  • Check your statements carefully for any fraudulent activity on your card, and report any suspicious activity as soon as possible. Call us on 0800 952 5458 at any time.

  • Keep passwords and PINs safe - Always be wary of unsolicited emails or calls asking you to disclose any personal details or card numbers. Keep this information secret. Be wary of disclosing any personal information to someone you don't know. Capital One and the police would never contact you to ask you to disclose PINs or all your password information
  • Keep your PC secure - Use up-to-date anti-virus software and a personal firewall and if your computer uses the Microsoft Windows operating system, keep it updated from the Microsoft website. Be extra careful of using internet cafes or any PC which is not your own and over which you have no control
  • Always take reasonable steps to keep your password and other security information secret at all times
  • When choosing your password, use one which cannot be easily guessed
  • Never give your account details or security information to anyone. If phoning us, be aware that we will not ask for your password
  • Ensure that there is a locked padlock or unbroken key in the bottom right of your browser window before entering any information (this shows that the information you are sending is encrypted)
  • Never leave your computer unattended when logged in to your Capital One Online account
  • Ensure that you log-out properly when you have finished banking online

We have a specialised department, Complaints Resolution, who deal with all of our complaints. You can write to them at: Complaints Resolution, Capital One, PO Box 5281, Nottingham, NG2 3HX.

If you make a complaint, we'll do our best to resolve it as soon as you contact us. However, some complaints are more complex than others and may need our specialist team to look into them further - in this case, please bear with us. We just want to do the right thing so that we get the right result for you.

We will:

- Reply to you promptly to tell you we've received your complaint;

- Provide a final response to your complaint within eight weeks. If, after eight weeks we cannot issue a final response, we will write and update you on the position and tell you when you can expect a final response. If you're not satisfied with our reply at this stage, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

However, we'd like the chance to try and put things right first.

You have the right to refer your complaint to the FOS, free of charge, but you must do this within six months of the date of our final response.

You can contact the FOS at:

Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
E14 9SR

Telephone: 0800 023 4567